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Retirement Income Planning

Retirement Income Planning

When it comes to retirement planning, saving and wealth accumulation is only half the battle. Life expectancy is getting longer, and many people will have the same number of years in their retirement as they did while they were working. We help our clients build a plan to strategically draw income from your hard-earned retirement savings, to not only sustain your lifestyle, but also to keep up with inflation and ensure your assets outlive you.

We have found that many people struggle with when, why, how or whether they can afford to retire. Transitioning assets into income can create a high level of uncertainty, worry, and concern. Our role is to coach our clients to reach a positive retirement outcome and provide clarity for the many retirement issues that need to be planned for.

Our Financial Planning Process

Discovery & Analysis

We accomplish this by first discovering and analyzing a client’s retirement income needs, priorities, preferences and objectives. We then examine spending needs, assets and sources of income to put together a preliminary calculation. At this time we would clarify any budget concerns or any issue that requires further attention or modification.

Risk Management

We also spend time addressing retirement risks and strategies that can mitigate these risks. Using this information, we then design a comprehensive customized retirement income plan which could also incorporate tax reduction strategies, estate, protection and legacy planning. Distribution and investment strategies in retirement are also incorporated in the plan.

Implementation & Monitoring

We review the plan together using sophisticated retirement income software to model, forecast, and stress test the plan over a period of many years into retirement. Alternative income strategies are presented, evaluated and decided on together. We believe that retirement income planning works best when a client understands different trade-offs (i.e safety of principal vs. upside potential) in the planning process and in how the plan addresses the major category of risks. The software we use provides a mechanism to monitor and adjust the plan during scheduled review sessions. We can also change assumptions to the plan during a client meeting and instantly visualize the results and compare what the new projections would look like.


The key is to have a plan that is both flexible enough and prepared for various market conditions, lifestyle changes and other unexpected contingencies. We have found that having a solid retirement income plan gives our clients a roadmap, path forward and methodology to provide them with the confidence to have a satisfying retirement.

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