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Insurance Planning

Insurance transfers the financial risk of life's events to an insurance company. A sound insurance strategy can help protect your family from the financial consequences of those events. 

There are many types of insurance and buying it the right way can be challenging.  The purpose, amount, and uncertainty of the future are balanced with the potential costs of owning them.

Using our Insurance Planning process, we determine which insurances and risk management strategies are in your best interest:

Discover & Analyze - We review and analyze how and why you are protected (above).  Then we determine what and how you should own insurance based upon your assets, expenses, current solutions, and overall priorities.

Are you buying insurance:

  • To protect your insurability
  • To protect your income
  • To improve affordability
  • To create an estate for your current family and descendants
  • To also have options with long-term care planning
  • To build a personal line of credit
  • To shelter assets from taxes
  • To support an estate tax saving strategy?

More questions:

  • Are you paying too much for a 3 year old life insurance policy?
  • Do you work with one, trustworthy team to determine how best to own health insurance and how it relates to your overall cash flow and wealth management strategy? 

Recommendation - We’ll review multiple scenarios to minimize expenses and maximize protection.

Implementation - How should you purchase the insurance, who should be the owner, insured, and beneficiaries to ensure the protection is owned the best way for you and your circumstances?

Monitoring - The reasons you will own or terminate insurance, the amounts you own, and the cost for insurance can change over time. 

Have your current providers discussed the opportunities below?

Life Insurance

  • Mortality tables, used to price life insurance policies, are different today than merely 3 years ago.  People are living longer and your policy premiums may be less. 

Long-Term Care

  • As people are living longer, many companies that previously issued long-term care have raised premiums to unaffordable levels for current owners, gone out of business, or increased underwriting qualifications for policyholders concerned about the cost of ownership. Other products have become available that are more accessible and affordable. Furthermore, if you own a business, there are ways to own long-term care insurance with tax advantages. Sometimes it's what you own and other times it how you own it (or both).


  • Disability income insurance is the most frequently overlooked type of insurance, and yet it protects the greatest resource in your life - your income. If you're fortunate to work for a large corporation, you may have access to this insurance, however, it is often inadequate coverage, whether portable or not. 

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