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Employee Benefits & Retirement Plans

To remain a competitive employer, it is beneficial to offer employee benefits. Whether it is a few weeks of paid vacation, flexible hours, or group health insurance, it is important to have happy, healthy, and motivated employees.

We work with many small and mid-sized businesses to offer several benefits at the group level such as health, dental, and vision insurance, group life insurance (both basic and voluntary), and group disability insurance.

In Illinois, group health insurance premiums are less expensive than similar plans on the individual marketplace. Couple that with the ability to pay premiums on a pre-tax basis through payroll, the economic benefit to the employee is that much greater.

We will gladly review your current employee benefits and see where we can provide value!

Corporate Retirement Plans

Employer-sponsored retirement plans are a great way to strengthen the relationship between you and your employees. They open doors to investment choices that are otherwise unavailable in the retail marketplace, higher contribution limits, and peace of mind that your employees are saving for their future. As the company benefits package grows, so does goodwill. 

Whether it is a SIMPLE IRA or 401(k), Profit-Sharing Plan, or a pension plan, MGFS can recommend a retirement plan design that helps you, your business, and your employees, improves morale within your company, and improves employee retention. 

Employer-sponsored retirement plans are encouraged by the federal government. Today, businesses receive tax favorable treatment for helping their employees. The SECURE Act was recently passed by both houses in Congress and signed by the President. Effective in 2020, the act will provide even greater benefits to employers that offer retirement plans, increasing the value to both you and your employees. We will provide more information on the SECURE Act as it becomes available.

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